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Tree Planting

CarbonSpace provides a way for you to trade and transact tree planting programs with a holistic and comprehensive process for enterprises that are looking to offset their carbon emissions by planting trees.

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    We offer you a way to explore the tree planting programs suitable for your enterprises’ needs.
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    During the initial year of planting, we offer complimentary monitoring period to verify that the trees are making a beneficial impact on the ecosystem.
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    We provide an option to extend the monitoring period for up to five years, which enables you to track the positive environmental impact of the trees that have been planted.

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Benefit for your business


One platform for all

Whether you’re looking to purchase or supply green programs, we offer an end-to-end, comprehensive platform for your transaction and making it easy to achieve your net-zero target.


Accurate and thorough

Our digitalized monitoring system ensures that your carbon efforts are accurately accounted for and verified, preventing double-counting and ensuring transparency.


Quality over quantity

CarbonSpace offers a diverse selection of high-quality carbon offsets, ensuring a real and measurable impact on reducing emissions while supporting sustainable development and community benefits.


Advancing your sustainability journey

By transacting green programs at CarbonSpace, you are participating in accelerating and supporting many UN's Sustainable Development Goals that are related to the programs.