Frequently Asked Question

A carbon marketplace is a platform where enterprises can purchase and supply green programs. Green programs are a way to offset carbon emissions by funding projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
Offsetting your carbon emissions can help reduce your company's environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. By purchasing green programs, you can fund these projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable development. 
CarbonSpace is a carbon marketplace made by Jejakin. This platform is strictly B2B, meaning only enterprises can purchase or supply green projects on the platform. CarbonSpace can also be integrated into your enterprise’s platform, so your users can quickly compensate for their carbon footprint with simple steps.
Enterprises can purchase green programs on CarbonSpace, such as tree planting and carbon credit programs. Program partners of green programs can offer their projects for sale on the marketplace, and buyers can purchase them. Both parties can track their programs on the platform, ensuring that all the programs are monitored transparently and accurately.
Buyers can log in to the platform and browse available green programs, such as tree planting programs or carbon credit programs. Once they request the purchase of the said program, they will be contacted by Jejakin’s team to complete the transaction. After the payment succeeds, buyers can get the update from CarbonSpace’s platform and via e-mail.
Program partners can offer green programs for sale on the platform. They must provide verification that the programs represent real and additional reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Once the programs are sold, the partner can update on the program’s monitoring and development via CarbonSpace.
Carbon credits must be verified by a third-party organization to ensure that the carbon reduction projects are real, additional, permanent, and verifiable. Verification typically involves a rigorous process of data collection and analysis to ensure that the project meets established criteria.
You can calculate your carbon footprint by estimating the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your enterprise’s activities such as travel and energy consumption. For this matter, you can contact Jejakin’s team to calculate your carbon footprint accurately.
Yes, you can offset your entire carbon footprint by purchasing enough green programs to offset the emissions associated with your activities. 
Using CarbonSoace can help your enterprise achieve its sustainability goals and reduce its environmental impact. By purchasing green programs, you can offset your carbon emissions and support sustainable development projects around the world.